Love Poetry

Why Why Why

I don’t know why
I feel the way I feel inside.
I am left saying,
Why? Why? Why?

I have often liked
Someone when I first met them,
But when it comes to you,
It is so different.
It is like you are the one,
And for me you’ve been sent.
I have tried to play the role
Of being content.
But, how can one be content,
When his heart is having a fit,
As if every decision
Has already been made without my consent?

It is as if my mind were already made up over you.
As if my heart were already given to you.
As if it were planned somehow before I even met you.

I wish I could explain it in words,
But I don’t have the nouns, nor the verbs,
Which would express just how
This is making me feel.
For the first time in my life,
I feel the love can be real.

I’m not the type that just falls
For anyone.
Love has evaded me--
For I have been searching,
Only for that special one.

You have touched me,
For it is more than beauty
That I seek.

And what I seek,
I truly believe
Rests in thee.

And, that is probably why
Interest in you has me so high.
But, this is a first in my life
And I don’t know why
I can’t shake the way I feel.
Why is it for me that this longing for you
Seems so real?

Why is it I don’t want to let you go?
What is it about you that causes me to know
You are not the one I should let go?
Why is it for me that for you I’ll go
Around to world to meet you,
So that our love can grow.

What is it about you?
Who are you?
Why did I care so quickly about you?
Why am I so drawn to you?

Why? Why? Why?

© 3/2005 Tecko H. Green


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