Love Poetry

Unless We Meet

How would we know, unless we meet,
If the Lord would have us two to meet,
Unless we engage in a colloquy;
A discourse between two souls, exchanging pleasantries?

Not a discourse of flattery--
For we must be careful of flattering words.
But, a discourse from the heart, expressing our true identities--
A discourse that would let me know about you, and you about me.

How would we know, unless we meet,
If this is that blessing that we both seek?
If this could be an answer to a prayer
That we may have prayed for sometime, somewhere?

How would we know, unless we meet,
That getting to know each other could be so sweet?
And, if things don’t turn out according to our individual plans,
We’ll still be brother and sister in Christ, and friends.

So I open the door,
Letting you know that it’s you I adore.
And with outstretched hands,
I let you know I want to meet you, my friend.

All I ask right now is for a response,
So I will know if I need to look on.
But, let me make it clear that
Right now my eye is on you.
You are the one I am drawn to.

Unless we meet,
We will never know
If it could have been the plan of the Master,
That we get together and together we grow.

There are always actions to work along with faith.
And, I am stepping out on faith, praying to meet my mate.

Unless We Meet…

© 1998 Tecko H. Green


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