Love Poetry

Can Our Two Worlds Meet?

Hey, you over there!
Yes, you the one reading this.
Or, listening to it,
You know from where.

Can I speak to you
About two worlds colliding?
Your world and my world
Somehow aligning?

You are Venus and I am Mars.
They say we are kind of odd
Because you are woman and I am man,
But I still want to take that chance.

To see if our two worlds could be
United in a harmony.
A harmony of love,
I hope you understand
What I am speaking of.

For I am speaking of
A man and a woman,
Deciding to be
An item--
Caught up in unity,
In harmony,
Allowing love
To direct their destiny.

Oh, can’t you see
Venus and Mars are lifeless
Without a you and me?
So can we
Be the life source
That Venus and Mars seek?
Can our two worlds meet?

© 3/2005 Tecko H. Green


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