Love Poetry

Something Special About You

There is something special about you,
For I enjoy my time with you.
I wish I had more time to be with you,
To be in your presence, and to hold and caress you.

But, if that is not possible right now,
That is alright.
But I desire to discover
Why I am drawn to you,
Even though I just met you.
And, why you and I,
Have been introduced.

I desire not to miss the mark
Where and how God would
Touch my heart.

I wonder if God is working out a special plan
Of putting together a woman and a man.
It maybe too early to tell,
But I plan not to allow
My impatient mind to cause it to fail.

I have a choice and the choice is mine.
If you will allow me,
I will take the time
To find out if you are
The love who God wants me to find.

For, to me,
In my spiritual eye,
I believe that I see
A virtuous woman
Who could be
Part of my destiny.

For there is something
Special about you.

© 2003Tecko H. Green


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