Love Poetry

Shall We?

Shall we become friends?
This is where we begin.
First we build on a friendship,
Letting the Lord build companionship.

Friendship – the state of being friends,
Where true relationships begin.
Companionship – one that is closely connected,
We’ll allow the Lord to build that attachment.

For we are here,
We have just gotten to the start.
Now is the time
To learn of each other’s hearts.

For if I give you knowledge of my heart,
You will know who I am.
And, if you give, too,
I will know of you.

For that is what I am looking for,
For I come with an open door,
To give knowledge of me freely,
Letting you see the true me.

And I pray for someone who will do the same,
For with me there are no games.
With you, I’ll be honest and true,
For that is how the Lord has made me
And that is all I know to do.

So, let us build, my friend,
Letting the Father guide us until the end.
And, if it is the will of the Heavenly Father,
That we get together and grow farther.

Then let His will be in us,
For it is in Christ Jesus we trust.

© 1999 Tecko H. Green


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