Love Poetry


Never before have I felt this way.
It’s a special feeling each and everyday.
Especially when I think of you.
Even more, when I’m with you.

I often wonder why my Lord loves me.
Why he would bless me with someone who brings me such glee?
I know that there are things I want always understand.
That’s why I’m glad I’m in the Master’s hand.

From the Master’s hand, I can ask of anything.
But why am I so surprised when it is what He brings?
Is it not what I asked for?
Did I not believe this blessing He would pour?

Maybe I am just caught by surprise
That the blessing He brought me brings such joy to my life.
Maybe I am just caught off guard.
For this time, He has really touched me hard.

Maybe I am overwhelmed with you.
Your beauty, your character, your spirit, too.
For I know He’ll give me what I need, He’s all-knowing.
But this cup he has filled for me, it’s overflowing.

For you bring such joy to my heart.
You have turned me into a shining light out of the dark.
Never in my life have I been so free.
To say and do the things I like, and just be me.

The gladness I just can’t explain,
Of the joy to me that you bring.
I’m just filled with joy inside,
Just knowing you’re by my side.

So I will assure you of this one thing.
I will love you with the love of Jesus Christ.
Doing every thing I can within my power and doing it right.
For this is one blessing I want to hold on to with all my might.

Overwhelmed with all of you--
That is what I am going through.

© Tecko H. Green


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