Love Poetry

My Sweetie

You are my sweetie.
A sweet gift from the Father above,
Dressed in beauty, a touch of His love,
Sent to me, for me, to be my sweetie.

A beautiful cream-skinned, seductive, lovely-eyed, butterfly.
So fine that the word ‘fine’ cannot even describe.

A butterfly,
Who God has caused to appear into my life
And who has caught my eye.
For your beauty is not just outward.
It shines forth from deep within.,
It is the beauty that only comes from One
Who is a Christ-like being.

And that is why I am so turned on to you--
For the spirit of Christ lives big inside you.
And the
Father has created you
So pleasing to the eye,
That is why
I call you my Butterfly.

Elegance of grace, beauty of face,
Sent To Me, For Me, To Be
My Sweetie.

To My Sweetie…

© 2001 Tecko H. Green
October 20, 2001


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