Love Poetry

My Desire

A desire is to long
Or to hope for,
To express a wish,
Or, to put in a request.

Therefore, I let it be known
My request,
That thing that I long for,
Which is nothing more than
A desire to know
A little bit about you

I desire to know
The things you like to do,
The things that bring you joy,
The things you like,
The things you dislike,
Your dreams,
Your hopes.
Your beliefs for your tomorrows.

I desire to know what would make you smile.
What would make life for you worthwhile?

In other words, my desire, my request is this:
Can I get to know you?
Can I request some of your time?
So that I can learn about you
And you can learn about me, too.

I have a desire,
As you can see,
A desire to know thee.

My Desire.

© 2002 Tecko H. Green
November 20, 2002


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