Love Poetry


I met an angel
On a special night.
I was in the right place
For there she came into my sight.

She was the most beautiful
Lady in attendance in the room.
Her presence was so adorable.
She glowed just like the moon.

I saw her from across the room,
While sitting in my chair.
I looked once, then looked again,
Caught, as if to stare.

I turned my head a little to the left,
Then a little to the right.
And you know what?
I, too, appeared within her sight.

She turned and took another look,
As if to say,
I see you
Looking my way.

Then I leaped
Up out of my seat
To go to this Angel,
So we could meet.

We exchanged pleasantries,
Went for a walk
To continue our talk.
And it made everything seem so right,
As we walked and talked that night.

Yes indeed
An angel I did meet.
And I must say,
The meeting has been so sweet.

I Met an Angel

© 1999 Tecko H. Green


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