Love Poetry

Looking For My Diamond

Is a diamond hard to find?
For diamonds are formed
Over a period of time.

There is,
A process that takes place,
Before there is,
The fullness of grace.

Brilliancy in reflecting any light she may behold,
Shining forth, reflecting,
In a way that can touch the soul.
And, in a class of her own.
She’s the number one gemstone.

Because of the reflecting power,
Which is the greatest of any other natural gemstone.
She stands out on her own.

That is why I am searching,
Trying to find
That diamond,
That would be all mine.

For she would be
A lady with reflecting power.
Of beauty, elegance, and grace,
Of the love of God,
Shining forth, brightening up every place.

She would reflect God’s loving power
By shining forth in any hour,
With that power that comes from above
Agape Love–God’s kind of Love.

Love that turns gray skies blue,
Love that makes you feel brand new.
Love that encourages you,
Gives you strength
To go on.
Love that makes a happy home.

She is a gift from the Master of all.
A gift who is a helpmate,
Who will care and love you
And not let you fall.

For she is made to be
The one that encourages you,
Comforts you,
Uplifts you,
Pushes you
To fulfill the plan,
That the Master,
Put in your hand.

And one-of-a-kind,
The greatest natural gift
Ever given mankind.

Honey where are you?
I need you!
I can’t walk this life in victory
Without you.

It is us two
Who God would call together
To achieve those purposes and callings
He has called on us to do.

I can only do what I am called to do
When I have you.

I am looking
For you,

© 2003 Tecko H. Green


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