Love Poetry

I Believe

I believe, even though you are interested in me,
You are willing to let me walk, if I believe it’s best for me.
I believe that you would prefer that I were completely happy,
Even if it means that happiness is not with thee.

I believe that for me you do really care,
For you would step back, letting go, even though I’ve become dear.
Dear, in that I am someone you can admire.
Dear, because I could be that someone that you desire.
Dear, in that I could be your Mister Right.
Dear, in that I could be the one you would
Allow to hold you tight.

I believe that you are not a selfish woman,
But a woman who has a heart of love for others.
A woman who is full of the love of God.
A woman whose love talk
Is not just a facade,
But a way of living,
Predicated in the form of giving.

I believe that you would give me your very best.
You would put everything possible into making
Ours a relationship blessed.

I believe that in you I can put my trust,
For you would not do me harm.
Patience and serenity
I would find in your arms.

I believe
That my life with you
Would be complete.
For I believe
You would bring out
The best in me.

I Believe.

© 2002 Tecko H. Green
December 27, 2002


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