Inspirational Poetry

Worth The Wait

One thing in life is worth the wait
It is more precious than gold
To wait is patience, and patience is a virtue
I’ve been told

It is not some ordinary thing
It is not some object without meaning
Its worth goes beyond what one can see
To wait for the right one is a necessity

The gift of a wife is no ordinary gift
She is more precious than gold.
More precious
Then anything a man can hold.

The gift of a husband is no ordinary gift
For he is the fulfilling of the wife's desire
To have that significant other
The husband to the wife is like no other

You can not rush into this kind of relationship
It takes time, preparation and the right pick
Date, but don't date just to date
Take time to know a potential mate

If you discover he or she is not your mate
Move on that you might meet
The right somebody
That makes you complete

Be encouraged and take the nessacery time
For there is one thing in this life
That is worth the wait
That one thing is
Finding the right mate.

© Tecko H. Green


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