Inspirational Poetry

What Would Have Me

What would have me
Walk outside of me?
That me,
That is closed off, non-receptive
To those,
Who would not produce the best of me?

What would have me
Let down my guard?
That guard,
I have around my heart
To protect and keep me,
So that I am not moved by
Something or someone
That could be from the enemy.

Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

Only something that can come from above,
Something that is a Divine appointment
Set up by my beloved Lord,
Will I let into my life.
For I want only what He wants for me.
And that would be,
Something, that is in the form of the Godly.

Godly spirit, Godly nature,
Godly words, Godly behavior.

Anything less would be
Not for me.
For I am a child of the King of Kings
And only a Godly being could be attached
To me.

Therefore, what would have me
Let down my guard?
Only a gift that comes
From my God.

© 2003 Tecko H. Green
September 24, 2003


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