Inspirational Poetry

Thanks For My Smile

Let me send you a smile
In return to the smile you sent me.
For to share a smile is the most beautiful form of beauty
Therefore May your days be as bright as the sunshine
May God present unto you a love so divine.

For you to me seem to be a sweetie.
A sweetie filled with that special beauty.
That only comes from above.
That beauty that is an Agape’ form of love
That God kind of love.

The love that touches the hearts of others
To bring them joy and soothe their troubles
May your life be like a rainbow.
Full of colorful adventures as you go.
Throughout your life
Adventures that are a beautiful site

May you life be one of those lives
That touches the world with God's light.

Keep sharing the light of God
With Your smile
And Again
Thanks for my smile.

© 2005 Tecko H. Green


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