Inspirational Poetry

Relationships Cannot Last With Hurts from the Past

When I committed to you,
You were added to all I thought and wanted to do.
My dreams altered to include you.
And, I decided to work toward sharing my life with you.

Did I not want to be where you wanted to be?
Sharing my time, giving of me?
Enjoying and making any day
A special day,
By making it an ‘us’ day.

So you may ask, what went wrong?
This for me is hard to say,
For it may hurt you in some way.
But, for me, you did not see things the same.
And I didn’t seem to be included in your plans.

Why can’t two people come together,
Decide that they want to be together,
Work on making that dream come true,
Make a one out of the two?

We didn’t have that because of your past.
Some issues from it that still have lasted.
Lasted in the ways you responded to me.
You responded to my questions and actions
From your past history.

Which means I had to deal with things
I had no knowledge of.
I was fighting the hurts of past love,
Which simply means you didn’t give in to me,
And trust that I would be someone good for thee.

Please know that
It hurts when one wants to win trust,
But the other person can’t give in to trust.
How can a relationship
Be built without trust?

Now you know what is really wrong with me.
Your hurts from your past were hurting me.
Those things with which I couldn’t compete,
To them I would take a back seat.

I will always love you as a sister in Christ
And as a friend.
To me, you are a special woman,
Who will be a great gift to a special man,
When you overcome those hurts of your past.
For with them a relationship cannot last.

© 2003 Tecko H. Green


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