Inspirational Poetry

Letting Go of the Walls

Walls that were built,
Built as protective mechanisms,
To protect from hurts felt
Some time in the past,
Need to be broken down,
Smashed and crumbled to the ground.

The hurts, the mistreatment, the misuse of trust
Need not be the protective mechanism
One uses to protect one’s heart.
For how can one give of one’s heart
When there are walls all about,
Can a heart be given,
When it is handed over with doubt?

Let go of the walls.
Grab hold of trust.
Trust that the Lord has the best for you.
Trust that the Lord will guide
The right man or woman to you

Trust the wisdom of the Word of God.
Let Wisdom from God be your wall.
Let Wisdom be your protective mechanism,
Then let that wisdom protective mechanism
Be your guide into the way,
Where God will love you in a natural way,
Which is loving you through a natural person,
Who will allow God to love you through them.
For that love will be love that is a reflection of love from Him.

Him, in whom you have put your trust,
The creator of true love and not lust,
The creator whose thoughts of you are thoughts of goodness,
Thoughts of peace and thoughts of joy,
Thoughts that will bring you to an expected end,
Which is His love given unto you from another human.

Understand that this can only be done
When we have trust in the Son.
So allow God’s will to be done in you,
By letting down walls of hurt and disgust, and
Trade them in for Jesus' trust.

Let down your walls,
Build up your faith.
So that God can present you
With a loving mate.



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