Inspirational Poetry

I am to be Celebrated, Not Tolerated

Where have I missed the mark?
That mark,
That would lead me out of this dark?

This dark of being alone,
Not having someone
To truly call my own?
Where have I gone wrong?


The light is coming on!
It is me that keeps my heart torn.
I have been so needy, wanting of another,
My great demands on them cause them to go to another.

I believe I am learning what to do.

Enjoy getting to know a person,
The things they like and don’t like.

Compare them to what I like,
And feel them out to see
If they be
A person who is right for me.

Be me.
How can someone grow to love me
If they don’t really get to meet me?
No more changing me
To fit the other,
But continue to be me.
To truly see
If the other person
Likes the Me they see.

Walk in through the confidence door,
Knowing I am worth so much more,
More than just being on someone’s arm,
Being their so-called lucky charm,
Their thrill at night,
And that so-called
Second one,
Back-up one.
Oh no!
That ain’t right.
Not me, no more,
No more, no more!
‘Cause, from now on, I am walking through
The confidence door.
From now on in my life,
I will be treated right.

Come to realize
That I am someone special,
Full of love that has never been tasted.
No more giving thought to those who hesitated
And those who took advantage of my love and let it be wasted,
Missing out on the one that
Has been percolated.
Oh yes, keeping in mind,
I am fine only because of time.
I am not instant--
Wisdom has come from over the years’
Heart ache, pain, and tears.
Yes, I am seasoned to love on
Because I have learned how to love
From my God, and all the experiences
That have taught me to love myself first,
That I don’t cause hurt for others or myself
But cause love to burst fourth.

I can touch like no other,
For I’ve been touched, good and bad.
I can endure a little sadness, knowing
That true love and time will bring the glad.

I am not instant.
I have been percolated.
Time has refined me.
I know the meaning of love
And love’s responsibilities.

Oh yes, I am one-of-a-kind
And only want the one
Who wants to be all mine.

I am to be celebrated,
Not tolerated.
For I got the love
That will meet my mate’s needs,
For I have love that has been
Percolated over time and I have become refined,
From the Godly seeds that have grown to maturity,
From the mistakes of my past that have taught me maturity,
From the wisdom of my elders that has shown and taught me maturity,
To the love within me that has grown to maturity.
I have become someone worth loving
Who have metamorphosed from an ugly ducking
To the swan who is worth adoring.

Therefore, from now on,
I will not be where I am only tolerated.
I will only be with someone
With whom I am celebrated

©2004 Tecko H. Green


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