Inspirational Poetry

I Thought

I thought I had met
The One.
But before I truly met her,
She was gone.

Just goes to show me,
There’s love within me
That desires
To be set free.

But I have to learn
Not to let my emotions
Get the best of me,
For they will lead me
Into a place of my heart’s defeat

Got to learn to take it slow,
Easy as it goes,
Knowing that one day,
Love I’ll know.

And that true love
Will be love
That’s touched with a love
From above.

For the love
That I have to share
Is a love
That also comes from there.

That Godly kind of love,
True and rich love,
Kind and loving love.
Love that shares.
Love that cares.
Love that is true
Through and through.

I thought I had the chance to share it,
But she was not the one ready to receive it.
But, I will continue to believe it,
That my true love is waiting to receive it

© 3/2005 Tecko H. Green


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