Inspirational Poetry

Believe In You

Go beyond your feelings
Go beyond what you see
Go beyond to what you believe
Go beyond to what is your destiny

Keep moving toward what is yours
Go beyond those so-called closed doors
Go beyond the words of deceit
Words used to cause defeat

Go beyond others opinions of you
Don't let them dictate what you can do
Go beyond the nay sayers
Be your own believer
Believe in you
Believe in what God
Has create you to do

Know within you are abilities
That will cause you to be an achiever
That is why you must be a believer
A believer in yourself

Go beyond others thoughts of you
Learn to believe in yourself and to yourself be true
For your life is dependent on you
What you believe and what you do

Therefore go
Always believing in God and You

© 2006 Tecko H. Green


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