Holiday Poetry

May This New Season

May this season of a New Year
Be a season that brings you cheer.
May your wishes and your dreams come true,
And your desires, the things you want to do.

May this season, give unto you a refreshing start,
By continuously bringing joy into your heart.
May this new season,
Be found with the blessing of love.
That kind of love
Which only comes from above.

If you are single or if you are married,
May that love you desire not tarry.
May you be filled with the Agapé form of love,
That form that originates from the Father above.

May mankind give unto you
The love that God desires for you.
May you be blessed
In all that you do.

May God's favor rest on you all the year-long.
May Agapé love rest within your home.
May Agapé love rest on your family,
On your children, on your mate, and on you.
May Agapé love continually flow to and from you.

May this New Year, this New Season,
Bring unto you
The Blessings
God desires for you.

© December 2002 TECKO H. GREEN Ambassadors of Christ Ministries


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