Holiday Poetry

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s love
Is like an early morning sunrise.
So beautiful to see.
Warmth given
From its beauty

A Mother’s Love
Is like a moonlit night.
A guiding light,
Piercing through the night.

A Mother’s Love
Is like a rainbow.
Not all eyes will see it,
But, if they did,
They almost would not believe it.
That from out of nowhere,
So many colors
Could shine across the hemisphere,
Bringing a delight
To anyone that is near

A Mother’s Love
Is like the waves of a sea,
Something that never ceases.
They may subside
And be out of sight,
But by the next tide
They are there to delight.
They always form again.
For like the waters of the sea,
A Mother’s love flows from within.
A Mother’s Love
Seems to have no end.

A Mother’s Love
© Tecko H. Green


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