Holiday Poetry

A Fresh Start

It is a start to a New Year
Live it without fear
That this year
Will be a great year

Even if last year you had
Relationships to go bad
Hurricanes taking all you had
What ever it was that made you sad

Put that behind you
You have made it through
It is time to move on
To your fresh start

Look at it as bumps in life’s road
Do not let it stop you
From striving for your life goals
Choose to go on with your life
Never giving up the fight

The fight to succeed
The fight to achieve
The fight to be
Who you desire to be

Take this New Year
As a fresh start
To fulfilling the dreams
That rest in your heart

In 2006 my friend
Decide to live again.

A Fresh Start

©2006 Tecko H. Green
Ambassadors of Christ Ministries


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