Holiday Poetry

The Best Gift

God created us all
With Gifts and talents
To be a blessing
Here on this planet.

So never hesitate
To fulfill your date
Dating this world
Fulfilling your mandate

Giving what God put in you
Supplying a need that only you can do
There may be others that do things like you
But are they helping and giving to the people that you do

We all have a mission
On this earth
That was the reason
For our birth

So as we celebrate the birth of Christ
Lets give a gift like unto his life
A life of giving what we have to give
Giving our gifts and talents as we live

For God created us to live
And during that living we should be giving
The very best gift that we can ever give
Which is a gift of His

You are Gods’ gift to someone
So in all that you do
Give the very best gift
That gift is you.

© 12/2005 Tecko H. Green



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