Holiday Poetry

Thankful for You

Thankful for you and me
Thankful for the blessings you bring
Thankful for you completing the dream
The dream of a perfect team

There is no us without “u”
My world is more fulfilling because of you
My days are not cloudy and blue
For I have you
And you are a ray of sunshine to me
A “bright star” gift, from God, given to me

Thankful that my nights are not cold and lonely
Thankful that I have you to warm me
Thankful I am no longer longing for a kiss
For I have you to kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss

God has been good to you and to me
He placed us together making this harmony
A harmony of Godly love
That could only be created from above

This Thanksgiving, I want to express my thankfulness
For You,
For you are blessings to me
Through and Through
And I thank God for You

Thankful for You

©2008 Tecko H. Green



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