Holiday Poetry

Mama I Love You

Like finding a unique
Colorful seashell on the beach,
Mama your love
Can’t be beat

Like seeing a shooting star
Shoot across
A dark lit night,
Mama your love
Is out of sight

Like when a warm
Sunray kisses your face
On a cold day,
Mama your embrace
Always makes my day

Like when your best friend
Says what you want to hear,
Mama your encouragement
Has always been dear

Like the fear you get
When speeding and you see
A police car
Mama it was the same with you
When I was wrong,
But I can say
It never lasted to long.

But it has been to long
Since I said I love you,
So today
I make a special effort
Just to say,
Mama I love you
In every way

Mama I Love You

© Tecko H. Green



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