Holiday Poetry

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
To all of you
And may this year,
Be a great year
In all that you do,
May God’s blessings
Rest on you,
All the year through

May you be blessed in your home
Blessed in your career
Blessed in your health,
Hey, may you be blessed
With more wealth

May this year be a great year
Touching your heart like no other year
May love be established in your life,
May your love burn greater
For your husband or wife

If single may you find or be found by a mate,
May you set a wedding date
May this year be a great year
Of love found in the atmosphere

May this year be the start,
For fulfilling
The desires of your heart
Here is wishing unto all of you
The very best in all that you do

Here is wishing unto you
The best for the incoming new

Happy New Year

© 01/2007 Tecko H. Green

Ambassadors of Christ Ministries


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