Friendship Poetry

May I Speak From The Heart

I enjoy my time with you,
It’s something I long to do.
I enjoy when I hear your voice.
For when you call, I seem to break into a smile.
Our conversation is talk that is always worthwhile.

When I don’t hear from you,
It is like I am missing you.
I know that we are just friends,
But time with you I love to spend.

For with you, I am at rest,
You seem to bring out my best.
I seem to be encouraged to walk in my Godly nature,
Maybe it is because we are Godly creatures.

Whatever the reason is,
It is a pleasure being with you, friend,
And I seem to dislike it when our time must end.
But I have learned to just look forward
To spending my time with you my friend.

For you are a friend
I can love from within,
For I can love you from my Godly nature.
Maybe it is because you are not a taker.
You are not one out to get.
You don’t go into crazy fits.

But you are loving all the way
And you enjoy making someone else’s day.
Maybe that is why I like spending my time with you,
Because you make me feel special through and through.

Words from the heart to a friend

© December 2002 Tecko H. Green


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