Holiday Poetry

What Is Love/Valentine Love

What is love?
Love is an act
An action that speaks louder then words
Sweet spoken words in form of verbs

Verbs being actions
That speak to your sweetheart
Actions that say
I love you by my ways

Actions that massages toes,
Fixes candle light dinners,
The giving of a rose,
A tight hug
A sweet kiss
A listening ear
Actions that shows
Another that they are dear

Love is simply actions
That say I love you

Say I love you
By the things you do
Cause another
Not to be blue

By doing
That would make
Their heart sing

For love
Is not what you say
But what you do
Through out the day

This Valentine's day
And the rest of the year
Do sweet nothings
In your mates ear

By doing acts
That will bring cheer
Act in a way
That will always say
I love you

For Love is actions
Something we must do
to prove our words of
I love You

What Is Love?

© Tecko H. Green



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