Inspirational Poetry

My Pain

You can not see my insides
And because you do not see my cry
You do not know
That I am crying on the inside

I have gotten so tired of crying outwardly
I have decided not to cry any more
But I find that I am still crying indoors
Inside of myself I still cry

It is the expression of my pain
An attempt to hide it is in vain
For my pain is real and I need to heal
So now I stop asking for you to understand
I am going to the only one who can

Lord Jesus, I need you
inside I am so blue
Please come to me and help me please
You are the only true answer to my needs

Your Word says in Mathew 11:28 NIV
Come to Me
All who are weary
And burdened
And I will give you rest

Lord Jesus
I need your rest
Therefore I digress
From my way
To your way

That my pain will cease
For I have heard and I believe
Your ways lead to peace

Peace of God
Come unto Me
Peace of God
Strengthen Me

Thank You Father
That Your peace
Rest in me

© 2006 Tecko H. Green


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