Holiday Poetry

Happy New Year - Live By Wisdom

As you start off the year
Take with you this year a mentality
That causes one to win

Choose to live by wisdom

Let not emotions drive you
Let not the issues of yesterday drive you
Let not what others’ think of you drive you
Let Godly wisdom drive you

Let Wisdom be your guide
Let Wisdom be your compass
Let Wisdom be your counsel
Let Wisdom encourage you

If you desire to have success this year
Then this year
Let every decision that you make be by wisdom
And not by emotions or fear

You have victory before you start
If you continue to hit the mark
The mark of using wisdom to guide you
In all that you will do

Wisdom is the key
To one succeeding and having victory
So let your mentality be
All yearlong
That this year I will live by wisdom

For wisdom will not lead me wrong
But will lead me to the ways of success
Causing me to be one that is blessed

Live By Wisdom



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