Love Poetry

Presented to You

Darling, I pray you understand.
Even though I believe
To you I could be a good man.
But I would never want
To force your hand.
I can stand far away,
Until that day.

That day that it’s revealed to you
About who I am.
Who is this person
Presenting himself to you?
For I am not trying to force your hand.
Even though I told you
I desire to be your only man.

Please try to understand,
I am not your typical man.
I am rooted in Jesus Christ.
He guides me throughout my life.

That is why I can tell you this,
Having complete peace with it,
If it is never revealed to you,
That one would be made from us two.

That would be fine with me,
For it is the will of the Father I seek.
And Godly wisdom lets me know
You have the right to choose,
Just like I have chosen you
You have the right to the desires of your heart
And I wouldn’t want to interfere with that part.

So please don’t worry about me.
Seek God for thee.
For you will have the word of truth.
And that word of truth has to be settled within you,
For you to know what you are to do.

I just wanted to plant inside you
The vision of a Godly man
Who could be presented
To you.

© Tecko H. Green


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