Love Poetry

Meeting of Two Saints

Your beauty took me by surprise.
While staring into your eyes,
Your conversation impressed me the most.
For it allows me to be myself and commune with you.
And that alone deserves a toast.

You bring out the real me.
I can be who I am, a man built on Christianity.
I can talk about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
And it doesn’t offend you, doing so is alright.

Thank God for letting us meet--
Two saints living for eternity.
Two people rooted in the word of God,
Two people equally grounded and not odd.

The word of God is our life.
We both are rooted in Christ.
We both want the holiness in us to prevail.
Sanctification is, for both of us, our well.

We both desire what God’s desire is
We both pray that our desires are His.
We want to be in His perfect well
We want what He wants for us to prevail.

We also pray that Christ will lead us all the way,
Guiding our steps each and every day,
That along the way we do not faint
For we believe He is the cause of this
Meeting of Two Saints.

© 1997 Tecko H. Green


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