Love Poetry

Manifestation of My Faith

What should you do
When what you have prayed for
Opening a door?
I don’t know about anybody else,
But for me,
I will walk on through--
For on the other side of that door
Is you.

You are the one I prayed for.
You are the answer to my prayers,
Prayed many years ago,
Way before I ever knew you.
God had told me back then to be patient,
For he was making someone for me,
Just as he was making me for someone.
That someone is you.

You are the vision I set before the Heavenly Father.
I made that vision plain for Him to see
Exactly what I wanted Him to fulfill for me.
The only thing I didn’t proclaim
Was your name.

Yet you are the manifestation of my faith.
The words I sent up into the heavens,
Telling the Father
What I wanted in a mate.

Now He has opened my eyes to see
That mate full of beauty,
Made just for Me.

Your are
The manifestation of my Faith.

© December 2001Tecko H. Green


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