Love Poetry

I Hope

I Hope
I am not stepping out of bounds
By saying, in you,
A new love I have found.

I hope
It is alright,
Me being upfront
And honest with you,
Telling you
Just how I feel for you.

For you have stirred up
Love in me.
Love that has been dormant,
Waiting to be set free.

And you have awakened the love inside.
It can no longer hide.
For you have given it life.
It is no longer hidden in the night.

For you have come
And brought daylight,
Allowing my love
To burn bright.

So I hope
You do not mind
If I go ahead and say,
Since I met you,
You have brightened up my days.

I hope
It is all right to speak,
Letting you know
Has arisen in me,
And it has aroused
For thee.

© 3/2005 Tecko H. Green


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