Holiday Poetry

New Beginning

Often as one year ends
And a New Year begins
We look at it as a New Beginning
A fresh start to living

As we start a fresh
Let us not start with less
Let us start with more
More Giving
More Loving
More Understanding
More of being a Blessing

Let this year be a year
That we show others how much we care
Let us fill this year with godly cheer
By loving on others
Showing them that to us they are dear

Let us give time to our households
To our children
To our mates
Making it a yearlong mandate

A New Beginning
Of loving on our families and friends
Of encouraging our families and friends
Of giving to our families and friends
Of believing in our families and friends
Of praying for our families and friends

Winning our families to togetherness
Winning our mates with love and happiness
Winning our friends with trust and admiration

Let us win this year at giving love
And the love we give
Make sure it comes
From the Father above

Make this year
This New Beginning
A year we give more of Gods love

New Beginning

© 2006 Tecko H. Green
Ambassadors Of Christ Ministries


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