Inspirational Poetry

Pressing On

Discouragement rather then Failure
Is the enemy of Success
That is why we must Press
Press on when things go wrong

Press on when you feel like
You cannot go on
Press on when you are
All alone
Keep pressing on

Press on when you fail
Press on when life seems unbearable
Press on when things are uncomfortable
Press on because you have to move on
Failure is not your home

Do not let failure defeat you
Do not let failure brake you
Do not let failure destroy you
Let failure increase you

Increase your will to press on
Past the losing of a spouse, job or home
Past life’s failures that has happened to you
Do not let any thing stop you
From continuing to be you
Life has not ended because things went wrong
Therefore, you must continue on

Learn from your past and press on
Forget those things that are behind you
The mistakes that try to hunt you
Reach for those things that are before you

Let not your past control you
You can succeed!
As long as you do not fail
In the area of Pressing On

Pressing On

© Tecko H. Green

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