Inspirational Poetry


I must press on
Press on beyond their spun
Spun of negative statements
Beyond their resentments

Of my stand in life
My stand for Christ
Who I am called to be
Of my call to fulfil my destiny

Cannot let their words become my reality
Cannot let them write out my destiny
Cannot give them the capacity
To translate destruction or failure as my reality

I must cast down every thought
That does not exalt
The dreams and visions that I have
That is not good for my behalf

On my behalf
I must remember
I have been created for destiny
I cannot be broken by the words they speak
For they did not create me
Or put in me my abilities

God almighty
Created Me
He gave me my destiny
I will not be moved by what others say
So that I will fulfil my destiny
All my days
For I was created
To fulfil my destiny





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